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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Copy to Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // Aaron Beall - // Version 1.2 // Requires Fireworks CS3 var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); // document object var sel = new Array().concat(fw.selection); // saved selection DeleteEmptyLayers(0); // recursive function to delete all empty layers function DeleteEmptyLayers(numDeleted){ var f = dom.currentFrameNum; if(dom.frames[f].layers.length==2) return false; for(var l in dom.frames[f].layers){ var empty = true; for(var fl in dom.layers[l].frames){ if(/*dom.layers[l].frames[fl].elements.length || */dom.layers[l].frames[fl].elemsandsublayers.length){ empty = false; break; } } if(empty && dom.layers[l].layerType!='web'){ dom.deleteLayer(l); return DeleteEmptyLayers(++numDeleted); // deleting changes the layer order, so need to restart } } alert(numDeleted==0 ? "No empty layers were found." : numDeleted+" empty layer"+(numDeleted>1?"s were":" was")+" deleted."); return true; }