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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Copy to Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // 2007 Aaron Beall - // Version 1.0 // Requires CS3+ /* TODO: - convert frame-shared layers to page-shared layers */ var dom = fw.selection ? fw.getDocumentDOM() : false; // document object var sel = fw.selection ? new Array().concat(fw.selection) : new Array(); // saved selection function DistributeFramesToPages() { // require active document if(!dom) return false; // require more than one frame on current page if(dom.frames.length==1) return alert('The current '+(dom.pagesCount>1?'page':'document')+' only has 1 frame; the command produced no output.'); // duplicate current page for each frame, and trim duplicate page to only the one current frame var frames = dom.frames.length, pageCount = dom.pagesCount, pageNum = dom.currentPageNum, name; for(var f=1; f1){ for(var f=1; f