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var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); // document object var sel = new Array().concat(fw.selection); // saved selection function PasteInGroup() { if(!sel.length) return false; // find valid selection or not if(String(sel[0]) != '[object Group]') { dom.selectParents(); if(!fw.selection[0].elements){ fw.selection = sel; alert('Select a group to paste into.'); return false; } } // select element in target group, ready to paste into fw.selection = [fw.selection[0].elements[0]]; // temporarily group it to protect it in case it has a mask, since we will use PasteAsMask; fw.selection[0].name = 'PasteInGroup_temporaryMaskGroup'; // here is the main event: PasteAsMask gets the clipboard elements into the group dom.clipPasteAsMask("ask user", "vector", "add"); // now ungroup the Mask group dom.ungroup(); // find the temporary group and ungroup it fw.selection = dom.findNamedElements('PasteInGroup_temporaryMaskGroup'); dom.ungroup(); // select the parent group and we are done dom.selectParents(); return true; } PasteInGroup();