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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // Aaron Beall // Version 1.1 var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); var parentLayerNum = dom.getParentLayerNum(dom.currentLayerNum); if(parentLayerNum != -1){ var layerName = dom.layers[dom.currentLayerNum].name; var elems = dom.layers[parentLayerNum].frames[dom.currentFrameNum].elemsandsublayers; for(var e in elems){ if(elems[e] == '[object Layer]' && elems[e].name == layerName) break; } dom.selectAllOnLayer(dom.currentLayerNum, false, false); var oldLayerNum = dom.currentLayerNum; dom.moveSelectionToLayer(parentLayerNum, false, "none", Number(e)); dom.deleteLayer(oldLayerNum); }else alert("Unable to complete your request; no Sublayers selected.");