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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // Aaron Beall // Version 1.1 var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); var sel = fw.selection = [].concat(fw.selection); var oldLayerNum = dom.currentLayerNum, oldName, tempName, success = false; for(var s in sel){ if(sel[s] == '[object Group]'){ fw.selection = [sel[s]]; oldLayerNum = getLayerNum(fw.selection[0]); oldName = fw.selection[0].name||'Group'; tempName = '__SELECTION__' + escape(new Date().getTime()); fw.selection[0].name = tempName; // selection is dropped by addNewSubLayer when layer is frame-shared, so we need to recover it dom.addNewSubLayer(oldLayerNum,oldName,false); fw.selection = dom.findNamedElements(tempName); dom.moveSelectionToLayer(dom.currentLayerNum, false, "none", -1); dom.setLayerDisclosure(-1,false); dom.ungroup(); dom.currentLayerNum = oldLayerNum; success = true; } } if(!success) alert("Unable to complete your request; no Groups selected."); function getLayerNum(elem){ for(var l in dom.layers) for(var e in dom.layers[l].frames[dom.currentFrameNum].elements) if(dom.layers[l].frames[dom.currentFrameNum].elements[e].customData == elem.customData) return Number(l); return -1; }