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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Smooths and flattens your object selection by scaling up, flattening, then scaling down to original size // Install by copying to Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // Aaron Beall 2009 - var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); // document object function SmoothAndFlatten() { // require active document if (!dom) return false; // user input var input; do{ input = prompt('Enter smoothing multiplier:', fw.SmoothAndFlatten_input || '2'); if(input == null) return; }while(!validateInput()); function validateInput(){ input = Number(input); if(isNaN(input)) return alert("Invalid input! Enter numbers only."); if(input < 1) return alert("Enter a number great than 1."); return true; } fw.SmoothAndFlatten_input = input; dom.scaleSelection(input, input, "autoTrimImages transformAttributes"); dom.flattenSelection(); dom.scaleSelection(1 / input, 1 / input, "autoTrimImages transformAttributes"); return true; } SmoothAndFlatten();