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// Original command by, used with permission // Modification by Aaron Beall for the Path panel var f = new Object(); f.main = function(){ var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); var input, _xmove, _ymove; do{ input = prompt('Move X, Y (in pixels):', fw.MoveSelectedPoints_input || "0,0"); if(input == null) return; }while(!validateInput()); function validateInput(){ var vals = String(input).split(","); _xmove = Number(vals[0]); _ymove = Number(vals[1]); if(isNaN(_xmove) || isNaN(_ymove)) return alert("Invalid input; enter numbers only."); return true; } fw.MoveSelectedPoints_input = _xmove + "," + _ymove; dom.moveSelectedBezierPointsBy({x:_xmove, y:_ymove}); return true; } f.main(); f = undefined; delete f;