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/* Fireworks CS5 JavaScript Command Cuts multiple overlapping paths into individual pieces, like Divide Paths in other vector apps Install by copying to Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ Aaron Beall 2011 - Version 2.0 BUGS: - If one path is entirely contained by another path (such as a donut), resulting paths are unexpectedly split apart because we use split paths to reverse the effects of joining. Such results can be manually fixed easily and this method is way more reliable than v1, so we live with it. */ var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); // document object var sel = new Array().concat(fw.selection); // saved selection function DividePaths(){ if (!sel.length) return false; // validate selection var paths = []; for(var i in sel) if(sel[i] == "[object Path]") paths.push(sel[i]); if(paths.length < 2) return false; // create a union copy as the base shape fw.selection = paths; dom.cloneSelection(); dom.pathUnion(); dom.arrange("back"); var union1 = fw.selection[0]; dom.cloneSelection(); var union2 = fw.selection[0]; // join paths and punch fw.selection = paths; dom.cloneSelection(); dom.joinPaths(); fw.selection = [union1, fw.selection[0]]; dom.pathPunch(); dom.splitPaths(); // join paths and crop fw.selection = paths; dom.cloneSelection(); dom.joinPaths(); fw.selection = [union2, fw.selection[0]]; dom.pathCrop(); dom.splitPaths(); // delete old paths fw.selection = paths; dom.deleteSelection(false); } //try{ DividePaths(); //}catch(e){alert([e, e.lineNumber])}