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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); // document object function CreatePatternFromSelection() { // require active document if (!dom) return false; // user input var input, filename, validFilename = new RegExp('^[^\\\./:\*\?\"<>\|]{1}[^\\/:\*\?\"<>\|]{0,254}$'); do{ input = prompt('Enter a name:', input || ''); filename = fw.appTexturesDir + '/' + input; }while(!validate()); function validate(){ if(input == null) return true; if(!validFilename.exec(input)) return alert('Invalid name! Only use names that are valid filenames.'); if(Files.exists(filename + '.png')) return fw.yesNoDialog('A texture with this name already exists. Overwrite existing?'); return true; } if(input == null) return false; // copy and paste to new document dom.clipCopy(); newDom = fw.createDocument(); fw.setActiveWindow(newDom); dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); dom.clipPaste(); dom.flattenSelection(); dom.filterSelection({ EffectMoaID:"{3439b08d-1922-11d3-9bde00e02910d580}", MB_filter_preview_tile_size:"-1 -1", hls_colorize:false, hue_amount:0, lightness_amount:0, saturation_amount:-100 }); dom.setDocumentCanvasSizeToDocumentExtents(true); dom.setDocumentCanvasColor("#000000"); // export texture to default dir dom.exportTo(filename,{ exportFormat:'PNG', colorMode:'24 bit', paletteTransparencyType:'none' }); fw.closeDocument(dom, false); alert("Texture has been saved. However, you will need to restart Fireworks for it to appear in the menu, or use the Patterns and Texture panel."); } CreatePatternFromSelection();