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// Fireworks JavaScript Command // Copy to Fireworks/Configuration/Commands/ // 2007 Aaron Beall - // Version 1.0 // Requires CS3+ var dom = fw.getDocumentDOM(); var sel = [].concat(fw.selection); function SmallCaps(){ if(!dom) return; var texts = []; for(var s in sel){ if(sel[s] == "[object Text]") texts.push(sel[s]); } if(!texts.length) return alert("Please select at least one text box."); var isValid = false; for(t in texts){ if(!isUpperCase(texts[t].textChars)){ isValid = true; break; } } if(!isValid) return alert("The text selection is not valid. This command will convert lower case letters to small capital letters."); var input = prompt("Size percentage of small capital letter compared to large capital letter (typical is 75 percent):",(fw.SmallCaps_input||"75")); if(isNaN(Number(input)) || Number(input)<1) input = "75"; fw.SmallCaps_input = input; SMALL_CAPS_PERCENT = Number(input)/100; for(var t in texts){ var runs = texts[t].textRuns, run; var newRuns = {initialAttrs:runs.initialAttrs, textRuns:[]}, newRun; var isCap = false, cha, textSize = Number(runs.initialAttrs.size.split('pt')[0]); for(var r=0; r