Path.mxp (.mxp and .jsf files)
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Path Panel

Command Panel for Adobe Fireworks
Aaron Beall 2012 -
Version 5.1.33


Path panelThe Path panel provides access to various path related commands in Adobe Fireworks. The panel is divided into four categories:

NOTE: Older versions of the Path panel ship with Fireworks CS3 through CS6, this version is the latest. The version available here should work in older versions of Fireworks but is only tested on CS5 and CS6. See the history notes below for information on what has changed.


Updated Combine Path and Alter Path commands to handle rectangle primitives more consistently and gracefully.
Fixed Mac keyboard focus issue.
Added live dialogs to Fisheye Paths and Fillet Points.
5.1.23 (CS6)
New UI skin and improved icons.
Live dialog system implement for Simplify Paths, Expand Stroke, Inset/Expand Paths, Offset Points.
Added Snap to Pixel.
Removed Add Points to Curves.
Consolidated Move/Scale/Rotate Points into Transform Points live dialog.
Bug fixes, performance and stability improvements.
4.0 (CS4)
Added live dialog for Extrude Paths.
UI and skin enhancements.
Rebuilt and reskinned for latest extension framework.
Added: Reverse Gradients, Reverse Contours, Deform to Path, Hold Paths, Fetch Paths, Use Even-Odd Fill Rule, Use Nonzero Winding Fill Rule, Sharpen Points, Add Points, Subdivide Points, Make Handles Tangent From Average/Predecessor/Successor, Make Handles Same Length From Average/Predecessor/Successor, Knife Points, Join Points, Weld Points, Select First Point.
Added Convert Strokes to Fills, Fisheye Paths, Offset Points, Select Inverse Points.
1.0 (CS3)
Initial release.

Special thanks to the Fireworks team!!

Path.mxp (.mxp and .jsf files)
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